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Eternity Floors Class Action Lawsuit

Eternity FloorsWe are currently investigating claims that Eternity Flooring Solutions and L.A. Hardwood have sold Chinese-made laminate flooring which contains excessive levels of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen which can cause cancer and respiratory symptoms.  Eternity Flooring advertises that all of its laminate flooring made in China complies with regulations issued by the California Air Resources Board (“CARB”), Warningwhich limits formaldehyde gas emissions from laminate flooring to 0.11 parts per million (ppm).   Our firm has filed other lawsuits against Lumber Liquidators and Floor & Décor alleging that their laminate flooring made in China contains formaldehyde concentrations which are between three and nine times higher than allowed by the CARB regulations.  Even though Eternity Flooring sells it laminate flooring outside of California, advertising that it’s flooring products comply with CARB regulations when they do not may constitute false advertising and be a violation of consumer protection statutes in almost every state.

Laminate Flooring Lawsuit

If you purchased laminate flooring manufactured by Eternity Flooring, either at one of their retail stores or over the internet through another distributor, and would like more information about our potential class action lawsuit, please contact our firm immediately.